SaveInsta – Download Instagram Reels, Videos, Photos, Story

What is SaveInsta?

SaveInsta is the best Instagram video download application available on the internet. Through this tool you can download Instagram photos, videos, Instagram reels and Instagram stories from the Instagram app on you device with following very easy steps. You can download on any device through using this tool including personal computer, MAC, Android, IPhone or IPad.

SaveInsta Best Instagram Downloader:

Sometimes you get very interesting content on Instagram and want to watch it again and again. Saveinsta can make it ease for you, Now how can you watch if you are not able to find that video again, you do not have the internet connection or internet connection is not so fast to play your video?


The answer to all these questions is that you should download on your device that content from Instagram and you will have full access afterwards. You do not need to find it online and you can access it, modify it or further use it without the good internet connection or no internet connection at all.

SaveInsta gives you seamless experience of downloading content from Instagram and it the best downloader available on internet of Instagram. You just need to follow some easy steps on SaveInsta website and after that you have full access to download videos, photos, Instagram stories, reels and IGTV.

Just open SaveInsta and now you have just need to follow some easy steps. You are not required to install some application on your device or even you do not need to have log in or username to start downloading from SaveInsta. It is very easy to use website and you can download high quality content by using this website.

Prime Features of SaveInsta

We also call the Instagram as IG or Insta, It is very charming and globally appreciated social network where users share their eye catching photos and videos. So this network mainly focuses on graphics than text.

SaveInsta offers you to download content from Instagram using IOS as well as on Android operating system. Instagram has daily upload of millions of interesting, colourful, high quality and eye catching photos, videos, reels and Instagram stories but it does not provide the users the option of download. For this solution SaveInsta comes to your help. Following are the prime features of SaveInsta.

No Need to Log In or Username:

The basic and primary benefit of SaveInsta is that you are not required to download an application and then install it. You do not need to give your login details and then have a username to use this application. You are just required to open the website saveInsta and then you are now authorised to start downloading your requited content from the Instagram.

No Limitations on Download Content:

SaveInsta does not gives you a limit to download content. If you use some downloading application, they will firstly require you to give your login details and have a user name then after downloading some content they will ask you to purchase the premium membership to download content beyond certain limit of data.

SaveInsta will give you freedom in the limit to download content.  You can download millions or billions of Instagram videos, photos, Instagram stories or reels and nobody will ask you to stop downloading or you have reached the limit or to pay some amount or give your login details. So SaveInsta gives you the never ending downloading experience of your favourite and desired Instagram content.

Instagram Video Downloader:

Through using SaveInsta you are allowed to download Instagram videos in the resolution and quality you want and after downloading quality will not be compromised. You can have the original video’s resolution after downloading from SaveInsta by following some easy steps.

Instagram Photo Downloader:

You can download any image from Instagram by using SaveInsta. You just need to follow some easy steps and you are allowed to download photos from any post on Instagram application.

Instagram Reels Downloader:

During scrolling some Instagram Reels, if you desire to download Instagram reel then SaveInsta will come to your help and empowers you to download your desired Instagram reel. After Download the reel will download in MP4 format. The other benefit of SaveInsta is that you can use it on all devices and it does not matter the operating system of your device is IOS or Android. The device can be MAC, PC or your mobile.

IGTV Video Downloader:

IGTV has long videos on Instagram. SaveInsta allows you to download those long time videos smoothly on your device. After those videos have been downloaded you have full access to those videos. You are not required to search them online to watch them again because you have them on your device. Secondly you do not need the internet access to watch those videos.

Instagram Story Downloader:

The new feature of Instagram naming Download Instagram stories is a fabulous combination of photos and videos giving the audience a nice presentation of its user thoughts. Some stories are so captivating and eye catching that you want to see them again and again but as the time passes, the users remove them from the app and now you have no access to watch them.

Here you need SaveInsta to come to you rescue open the website saveinsta and download a Instagram story whenever you like one. After that you have that story on your device and you can watch that story whenever you want.

Instagram Private:

While using the Instgram application, sometimes you need to download photos, videos, reels and Instagram stories from the private account. SaveInsta is there to help you in this record you can download your desired photos, videos, reels and Instagram stories whenever you like without installing any further application or software.

Guide to use SaveInsta and Download Instagram Content:

To use SaveInsta and download content from Instagram, you need to follow the following simple steps.

  1. If you are using your mobile log in into your Instagram account with your details and if you are using your PC, open the Instagram website and log in into your created Instagram account with your log in details.
  2. After log in, you have now access to all the Instagram content available to you on the app. Select the one you want to download. It may be photo, video, Instagram reel or Instagram story. Click on the 3 vertical dots located on the upper right corner of the post and then click on the “copy link” icon by pressing or clicking on those three dots.
  3. Now open the website saveinsta. You will find a text bar at the upper side of the website. Click on that text bar and through right click or Ctrl+V paste the link you copied from Instagram. After that link has been pasted on the text bar, press on the “download” button located on the right side of that text bar.
  4. After you have pasted the link, SaveInsta will give you options of your desired content. If there are more than one photos or videos in the post then SaveInsta will display images or videos available on that post. Just click beneath your desired photo or video named “download” and downloading will immediately start on your device. Repeat this process for all your desired photos and videos you want to download from Instagram. SaveInsta will help you every time.


If you are a regular Instagram user then at many times occasions will arise when you will want to watch a photo, video, Instagram reel or Instagram story again and again or you want to own that media on your device. For this purpose you need to download it from the Instagram but the Instagram do not provide this facility in its app.

You need to get help from the other sources. Here arises the need of an app which helps you to download content from the Instagram. Now you start to search on the internet what is the best Instagram downloader on the internet. If you compare all the downloading apps or soft wares available on the internet then you will find Save Insta best among those.

You need to just open the website saveinsta and it will be helping you right away. Just paste the link of video or photo from the post you want to download and it will immediately start to download on your device. SaveInsta is easy to use, easy to understand, you do not need to log in or have username or password and do not require to limit the number of downloads using this application.

This is one stop shop for all your Instagram downloading requirements. You can download the content into the original resolution and quality. You can alter the format of the downloaded content. What else you need? So in short SaveInsta is the best Instagram downloading application available on the internet.


Are we allowed to download content directly from Instagram?

Answer: Up till now Instagram has not given any option for its users to directly download Photos, Videos, Instagram Reels or Instagram Stories directly on your device. So to download any of your desired content onto your device you will require help from a tool and SaveInsta is the best Instagram content downloading tool available on the internet to cover all your downloading needs.

Where are photos and videos downloaded using SaveInsta will locate in the device?

Answer: After you have downloaded your required content from Instagram using SaveInsta, by default it will go to the “download” folder of your device. If you do not find your content in the “download” named folder then definitely you have changed the default location of downloaded content on your device.

In this case you are required to trace download history on your device and then you will find the downloaded content from Instagram there.

Do SaveInsta requires user to pay for using the download facility?

Answer: No!! this platform is absolutely free for its users. You are not required to pay anything using this tool. You can download all your desired photos, videos, Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories and IGTV videos with very simple steps using the SaveInsta and SaveInsta will not require from you anything to pay for using this facility.

The second beautiful feature of SaveInsta is that it do not limit to download any number of content or quantity of date for downloading. So you can download unlimited number of photos or videos using SaveInsta.

Is SaveInsta compatible with my device?

Answer: Yes!! SaveInsta is compatible with all the devices whether you are using PC, MAC, Android, Iphone or IPAD. It will perfectly work on your device and just after pasting the copied link in the text box of saveinsta from Instagram of your desired video or photo, it will show the options of photos or videos available on your copied link of post.

You will then click beneath the video or photo you want to download on your device and downloading will start immediately on your device.

In what format by default will video download on my device using SaveInsta?

Answer: When you will download video from Instagram using SaveInsta then video will download on your device in MP4 format. However if you do not want to keep this video in MP4 format then there are various applications or soft wares available on the internet where you can change the format of videos available on your device.

So by this method you can change the format of your Instagram downloaded video from MP4 format to your desired format. So in the end you own the Instagram downloaded video in your desired format.